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How the process works:

  1. Buyer and seller come to an agreement on prices & terms 

  2. We will sent seller a 1 page contract to sign via email.

  3. Once the contract is signed we open escrow with a AZ title company 

  4. Title orders a title report (report show ownership of property, any liens, outstanding debts, etc). Usually takes a week to receive.

  5. Once title report is received and clear of any issues. Title company prepares a settlement sheet (showing title costs and seller net processes).  Title and costing costs usually total about $1200 and if each party split that it would be $600 each. It is sellers responsibility to pay any/all property taxes owed. This can be done at closing with the title company.

  6. Title will send out closing paperwork. The deed and a few other items will need to be notarized. Title company can help coordinate with a notary, especially if you live out of state. The title company we work with (Pioneer Title) even has a remote online notarization (RON) option for closing. 

  7. Once everyone signs everything, buyer wires funds to title the closing takes place and deeds are recorded with the county record. Sellers can have their funds wired or fed-x to them and typically receive funds same or next day. 

  8. Transactions are usually really smooth unless there are some unforeseen title issues.

  9. Process usually takes 2 weeks, start to finish.

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